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This year I was lucky enough to have two great bridal blogger brides. For those of you who have blog all about the wedding planning experience from start to finish and beyond. The most popular bridal blogger of all time is probably thebrokeassbride but she is long married and a new generation of bridal bloggers has emerged throughout the nation. There is a great list of bridal blogger blogs on my bride who I will call "Soon to be Mrs Beever"('s) website. Bridal bloggers are priceless sources of info and Soon to be Mrs. Beever is the queen.
You have got to take a look at her details, her advice is the best from planning, to budgeting to the psychology of it all. I have followed her for over a year and I still notice new details from her wedding with each new post.


Love beyond measure. Love this.

The florals. Click on this to enlarge. Here are just some of the many details.

Mrs Beever kept her guests happy in every way from head to toe.

More stunning details
Submerged florals. This was our budget friendly centerpiece. Under $30 a table. Gotta love that.

Just to cute!

More cuteness.

So all I am noticing in this picutre is those beautiful red tulips. But it appears that on site all eyes were on Mrs. Beever.

All of this wonderfulness was orchestrated and coordinated by the Amazing Amanda Auer at In the Now!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Allison - you did a fantastic job! I loved everything about our florals. And those 'budget friendly' submerged tulip centerpieces were the biggest hit. The girls that follow my blog have all been raving about how cool and artistic they looked. So I guess budget doesn't necessarily take away anything in the way of beautiful appearance. :) Thanks again!

yesmybride said...

wow!!!!! dresses shown are marvelous. Beautiful arrangements. I liked them.

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