{ Jenni, Jenni, Jenni } part 1

After 20 years as the lead consultant at Flower Allie I decided to relinquish a little control about 2 years ago when I met Jenni Hill. This was a huge decision and it was very hard at first to let designs other than mine out the door without any creative input from me. The first few months were the hardest and I think Jenni probably wanted to quit about 20 times. With a lot of hard work and creativity and a wonderful back up team Jenni and I have been able to merge our styles, tastes and ideas and create the best weddings Flower Allie has ever done this year.

Jenni just completed her 100th wedding so to congratulate her I wanted to share with you first my absolute favorite bouquet of all time. when I first saw the picture of this bouquet on The Storykeeper website (they use it on there splash page as a link) I was blown away. It wasn't till a few weeks later when Renee from Storykeeper sent me an email with some pictures that I realized that it had come out of Flower Allie. Jenni had said me "I think I did a really good wedding while you were on vacation", this bouquet is phenomenal in my opinion "really great" is just an average day for Jenni. You can see the rest of this wonderful wedding here.


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