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Our new blog isn't quite finished but as of today we will no longer be adding posts to flowerallie.blogspot.com

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{ lush purples } Black Gold Golf Course

I have 4 weddings to blog right now and they are all purple. Harvard Photography was nice enough to send over a disc with 3 weddings( all purple of course) and this is the first one. The pictures are stunning. Purple is a tough color because if it isn't photographed right then it isn't good but these pictures are just so vibrant. This is another of Jenni's weddings so I don't know anything about this couple other than they have great taste in flowers! :)
Today I will be working on the first of three Seven Degrees weddings I am doing in the next month and I am bringing my camera. Check back soon for pictures it is going to be really unique.

{ Rancho Las Lomas wedding florals }

This year I was lucky enough to have two great bridal blogger brides. For those of you who have blog all about the wedding planning experience from start to finish and beyond. The most popular bridal blogger of all time is probably thebrokeassbride but she is long married and a new generation of bridal bloggers has emerged throughout the nation. There is a great list of bridal blogger blogs on my bride who I will call "Soon to be Mrs Beever"('s) website. Bridal bloggers are priceless sources of info and Soon to be Mrs. Beever is the queen.
You have got to take a look at her details, her advice is the best from planning, to budgeting to the psychology of it all. I have followed her for over a year and I still notice new details from her wedding with each new post.


Love beyond measure. Love this.

The florals. Click on this to enlarge. Here are just some of the many details.

Mrs Beever kept her guests happy in every way from head to toe.

More stunning details
Submerged florals. This was our budget friendly centerpiece. Under $30 a table. Gotta love that.

Just to cute!

More cuteness.

So all I am noticing in this picutre is those beautiful red tulips. But it appears that on site all eyes were on Mrs. Beever.

All of this wonderfulness was orchestrated and coordinated by the Amazing Amanda Auer at In the Now!

{ Jenni, Jenni, Jenni } part 2

So I fiqured since I had two wonderful weddings of Jenni's to share that I would break her greatness into 2 posts. Since Jenni isn't the wedding blog, website, review site obsessed stalker that I am she hasn't seen this wonderful review of her on Project Wedding or the pictures by the always fabulous Jim Kennedy. Check out the brides face as Jenni hands her the bouquet, just pure delight. You can see the rest of the wedding here.

Here is the review:

I just got married on February 27, 2010 and used Flower Allie as my florist. They did such an amazing job. I had met with a few different florists and didn't feel comfortable with any until I met with Jenni Hill at Flower Allie. She was unbelievably creative and asked a ton of questions and delivered EXACTLY what I imagined and dreamed of. I was so calm and happy the morning of the wedding, didn't shed a tear... until Jenni arrived with our bouquets. When I saw my bouquet, I lost it because it was gorgeous. If you choose Flower Allie as your florist, I promise you will not be disappointed. A few of my friends have also used them and had the same experience... PERFECTION! Thank you, Flower Allie and Jenni for making our special day one we will never forget. You are simply the BEST!

{ Jenni, Jenni, Jenni } part 1

After 20 years as the lead consultant at Flower Allie I decided to relinquish a little control about 2 years ago when I met Jenni Hill. This was a huge decision and it was very hard at first to let designs other than mine out the door without any creative input from me. The first few months were the hardest and I think Jenni probably wanted to quit about 20 times. With a lot of hard work and creativity and a wonderful back up team Jenni and I have been able to merge our styles, tastes and ideas and create the best weddings Flower Allie has ever done this year.

Jenni just completed her 100th wedding so to congratulate her I wanted to share with you first my absolute favorite bouquet of all time. when I first saw the picture of this bouquet on The Storykeeper website (they use it on there splash page as a link) I was blown away. It wasn't till a few weeks later when Renee from Storykeeper sent me an email with some pictures that I realized that it had come out of Flower Allie. Jenni had said me "I think I did a really good wedding while you were on vacation", this bouquet is phenomenal in my opinion "really great" is just an average day for Jenni. You can see the rest of this wonderful wedding here.

{ Something new }

With wedding season in full force I don't have much time to blog. I did get time to add 10 new bridal bouquets to the website though. This one by Gabriel Ryan is my favorite! Here is the rest of the wedding.

Featured: The Knot Magazine fall 2010 issue

Min was a dream bride in every way. Classy, beautiful, so sweet and she had a fabulous sense of style. I was just so happy to help bring her vision to life.